Dear Fellow Wheel-Gunners,

In order to continue to offer a version of these pouches at a price point below $50, I am offering an unpolished version of these pouches (“unpolished” referring to the edge finishing). I am still offering pouches with the fully polished edges that you currently see on this website but now priced at $96 each – new as of Sept 2018. The amount of time it takes to craft each pouch by hand has led to this decision.

The unpolished line of pouches is identical in fit and function to the polished versions. The edge finishing is purely a matter of aesthetics.

As per the OC pouches and belt spacer, I also offer an unpolished edge and a polished edge version of each.

Nick Jacques

"I have used nearly every available style, shape and design of speed-loader pouch in my classes, police work and book research. I have never used a more practical, reliable or versatile speed-loader holder."

- Michael de Bethencourt, nationally known snub trainer at

"This rig should finally give the crowd that says you can't hide a speedloader something else to complain about!"

-Ed Lovette, author of The Snubby Revolver.

Comp II HKS speedloader pouches


The JOX Loader Pouch is the newest development in revolver reloading tools. The JOX Loader Pouch is a low profile, easy to attach, highly secure speedloader carrying case that holds a variety of popular revolver speedloaders.

If you carry a wheel gun, then you know that carrying spare ammunition is a necessity. The JOX Loader Pouch makes belt-carrying your speedloaders comfortable and easy.

speed beez_jetloader pouches_jox loader pouches


JOX Loader Pouches are custom made, per order, and are available for the following speedloaders:

• HKS: 32-J, 36, 10, DS, 586, 587, M3, PYA, CA44, 25-5, 27-A, 29-M

• Buffer Tech's JetLoader: JLF, JLK, JLL

• Safariland Comp I: J-C7, J-S5, J-N1

• Safariland Comp II: J-K2C, J-GL8C, J-R4C, J-P3C

• Safariland Comp III: J-K2S, J-GL8S

• 5 Star: J1, J2, J2-327, K6, D6, L6, L7, S6, N8, Kimber K6S

• Speed Beez: LCR38-05, J38-05, SP101-05, K38-6, L38-6/LGP38-06, 686P-07

• SL Variant: 236, 234


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